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Wrap Necklace


Available from: £328

Versatile molten circle long wrap necklace with a t-bar clasp.

Beautifully lusterous freshwater cultered pearls threaded on silver flexi wire for strength, movement and durability.

The necklace can be worn at different lengths, as a lariet style, wrapped double as a necklace and wraps around the wrist 5 times to create a lovely chunky bracelet.

Measures approx 95cm in total.

I often make these necklaces using other stones that I buy during my gem trips, as they are one-offs they are only available from my Castle street shop.

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from: £328.00

Also from The Serendipity Collection

This is the collection with molten silver circles, where it all began.

Erin started making these in 2002 and the collection has evolved and changed but the organic flowing texture has stayed the same. 

The most recognisable pieces of the Serendipity collection are the signature t-bar clasps. The molten flowing texture is then continued throughout a collection containing necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks and rings.




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