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Classic Pearl Necklace


Available from: £475

A contemporary twist on a classic pearl necklace with Erin's signature t-bar clasp.
Worn to the side the clasp makes a fabulous statement, can be worn to the back for a classic look.

Large necklace is made using a 3.2cm diameter clasp with large round or barqoue pearls, each pearl measuring approximatly 1cm

The necklace is knotted on to silk to enable beautiful movement in the piece and the keep the pearls as safe as can be. 

Each strand of pearls varies slightly in colour, if you are trying to match pearl colours we recommend visiting the shop or posting your pearls to us to find the perfect colour.

Visit the shop for one-off necklaces made in this style.

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from: £475.00

Also from The Serendipity Collection

This is the collection with molten silver circles, where it all began.

Erin started making these in 2002 and the collection has evolved and changed but the organic flowing texture has stayed the same. 

The most recognisable pieces of the Serendipity collection are the signature t-bar clasps. The molten flowing texture is then continued throughout a collection containing necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks and rings.




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Material Information


Hardness 3-4 – Gemstone family-Organics A unique phenomenon in nature. Their alluring shape and intrinsic beauty has been immortalised throughout history in both art and literature. Each pearl is a work of art taking years to form, every pearl is unique in colour, lustre, size and shape. Pearls have been prized for their beauty and rarity for more than four thousand years. Cultures from around the world and throughout recorded history have valued pearls longer than any other gem.