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o2 Cascade Necklace


Available from: £165

This beautiful necklace is made using links of molten silver bubbles, on a strand of pearls.

Measuring a total of 44.5cm (17.5'') with the o2 solid silver bubbles drop measuring approx 5.5cm (2.2'').

The bottom section of the pendant is articulated to allow flowing movement whilst being worn, with the molten texture making the piece sparkle wonderfully.

Other gemstone colours may be available upon request.

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from: £165.00

Also from The o2 Collection

This collection was inspired by Erin's travels, snorkelling in beautiful reefs and being lucky enough to experience the amazing, underwater worlds around the coasts of Borneo, the Maldives, Egypt and Europe.

The molten texture is reminiscent of little silver bubbles which sparkle with ripples like the surface of the ocean. 

Because the molten texture is contiued from the Serendipity collection these two collections work together perfectly. 

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Material Information


Hardness 3-4 – Gemstone family-Organics A unique phenomenon in nature. Their alluring shape and intrinsic beauty has been immortalised throughout history in both art and literature. Each pearl is a work of art taking years to form, every pearl is unique in colour, lustre, size and shape. Pearls have been prized for their beauty and rarity for more than four thousand years. Cultures from around the world and throughout recorded history have valued pearls longer than any other gem.