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o2 Bubble Bead Necklace


Available from: £354

Molten silver o2 bubble links, with gemstone beads.

Measure approximately 90cm with 2 large bubble sections and 3 small bubble sections.

This necklace has the smallest t-bar clasp which enables the necklace to be worn long or with a section hanging down the front in a lariet style.

Available in black onyx, orange carnelian, minty green amazonite or purple amethyst beads.

Colour shown is the lovely summery amazonite.

We often have this style of necklace made in other colours in the shop, visit us or call if you have a particular colour in mind.

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from: £354.00

Also from The o2 Collection

This collection was inspired by Erin's travels, snorkelling in beautiful reefs and being lucky enough to experience the amazing, underwater worlds around the coasts of Borneo, the Maldives, Egypt and Europe.

The molten texture is reminiscent of little silver bubbles which sparkle with ripples like the surface of the ocean. 

Because the molten texture is contiued from the Serendipity collection these two collections work together perfectly. 

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Material Information


Hardness 6-6.5 – Gemstone family-Feldspar The lively green or blue-green colour of amazonite can be quite beautiful when polished. Because amazonite is an opaque stone, it is usually cut en cabochon. Amazonite is a gemstone variety of green microcline. It is named after the Amazon River in Brazil, though surprisingly no deposits have been found in that location. The story is that some green stones were found in the Amazon river area, but mineralogists believe that there is no green feldspar in that area, though there are deposits elsewhere in Brazil.