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Lavender spinel ring


Available from: £699.60

Gorgeous 1.37ct oval lavender spinel set in 9ct white gold.

Inspired by the pebble beach at Budleigh Salterton in Devon, the molten texture of this ring makes it a truly unique piece.

The ring is a size K. 

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from: £699.60

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A collection of bespoke pieces handmade by Erin.

These pieces are made using unusual and rare gems and are often unrepeatable.

If you have further questions about these pieces, or would like to commission your own piece of bespoke jewellery, please contact the shop.


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Material Information


Hardness 8 – Gemstone family Spinel One of the hardest minerals and a brilliant gem, it is found in some of the same locales as corundum. This has led to great confusion in gemstone history, as spinels have often been mistaken for rubies. In fact, some of the famous "rubies" in the British crown jewels are actually spinels, including the 170-carat Black Prince's Ruby set into the British Imperial State Crown and the Timur Ruby which is a 352 carat spinel engraved with the names of the some of the mogul emperors who previously owned it. The source of both of these gems is believed to be Myanmar, where most significant spinels are mined. The Myanmarans recognized spinel as a separate gem species as early as 1587, but beyond its border, spinel was referred to as "balas ruby" for hundreds of years. The colours include; Flame spinel: Bright orange to orange-red spinel, Balas spinel: Pale red spinel, Pleonaste: Dark green to blackish, opaque spinel, Hercynite: Dark green to black spinel, Grahnite: Blue, violet, or dark green to blackish spinel, Gahnospinel: Blue to dark blue or green spinel, Picotite: Brownish, dark green, or blackish spinel. All Spinel’s used in Erin Cox jewellery are fair trade.