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Blue Diamond Ring


Available from: £2363.00

18ct Fairtrade white gold, central blue marquise diamond and carved white diamond shoulders.

This exquisite and unusual piece would be perfect as an engagement ring or to mark an anniversary.


Size L 1/2


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from: £2,363.00

Also from The Unique Collection

A collection of bespoke pieces handmade by Erin.

These pieces are made using unusual and rare gems and are often unrepeatable.

If you have further questions about these pieces, or would like to commission your own piece of bespoke jewellery, please contact the shop.


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Fair trade

Material Information

Fair trade

Each piece of Erin's fair trade collection is certified and bears the fair trade logo stamp, this is applied at the London assay office during hallmarking.

Fair mined gold is only available through select suppliers and is mined in accordance with standards set by fair trade international.
This ensures that miners are paid a fair price for their gold, they use safe mining practices that include safe handling and disposal of chemicals used in the extraction of gold, and no labour that is damaging to children.
Communities also receive the fair trade premium; an additional sum of money for projects that benefit the community as a whole.

Erin aims to always use ethically sourced fair mined or recycled materials wherever possible throughout her jewellery collections.