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Aura Diamond Ring

Engagement Rings

Available from: £848

18ct yellow gold 15pt diamond aura ring.

The rub over setting with molten circle around the diamond makes this pretty engagement ring the perfect ring for anyone that likes something a little different. The matt texture of the gold which is lightly hammered has a soft glow. The circle is set on top of the band so it will sit comfortably next to a wedding ring.

This style of ring can be made with many different stones and in other metals. I prefer not to use plating on engagement rings.

This ring is made to order, do contact me if you require the ring urgently.

As standard I use a minimum of G colour diamonds, VS quality.

I am happy to work to commission and use any gemstone that you would prefer.

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from: £848.00

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Engagement rings can be made with any metal or gemstone. 

We would always recommend a stone hard enough to stand up to everyday wear and tear, which is why diamonds are so popular. And when it comes to diamonds we believe it is quality, not quantity that counts. 

Erin's diamonds are always conflict free and of the highest  quality. Please contact us for more information.

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Material Information


Hardness 10 – Gemstone family-Diamond Diamonds are the hardest minerals on Earth, made purely of carbon. The name is from the Greek adamas – meaning “I take” or “I subdue” a reference to its superior hardness. It is reputed to endow the wearer with purity, love and joy. Traditionally the emblem of fearlessness, it is also symbolic of love. Found in many colours including colourless, yellow, pink, red, blue, brown, and black.

Natural fancy coloured diamonds are very rare, blue is one of the most desirable colours. The Hope Diamond, can be seen on display in the Smithsonian Museum, Washington, is one of the world's best examples. In recent years, methods of producing intensely coloured diamonds, including fancy blue, have been developed. The treatment, which only works with a small minority of diamonds, involves irradiating them to cause the colour change, usually followed by heat treatment to stabilise the colour.