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Spring for some rings!

Posted by Erin: March 06 2014

Spring for some rings!

Spring is in the air, finally there is hope for a decent summer after all the damp and the grey.


If you are lucky enough to be tying the knot this year, here are a few tips for buying a wedding ring (apologies to those of you who read Exeter Living, this may seem a little familiar!)


There are several things to think about when buying a wedding ring. Now, call me self serving, but there are two things that you look at everyday after your wedding - your spouse and your ring.
Your wedding rings will endure. They will (hopefully) be passed to your future children or loved ones and therefore treasured for decades, possibly centuries.

You know what this is leading to … DON’T SKIMP!

For all those ladies lucky enough to wear an engagement ring I would always advise to match metals for your wedding ring, or the softer metal will wear away.

White metals have been very fashionable recently. As gold is a yellow metal, a white alloy metal has to be added to make it look white, or pale yellow in most cases, because of this most white gold is rhodium plated to make it look bright white and shiny. This will wear off. Although all rings can be re-plated it is a life long expense. (We don’t use Rhodium plating at Erin Cox Jewellery, all our 18ct white gold is alloyed with Palladium, producing a rich grey alloy that looks great and will never change colour.) Palladium continues to grow in popularity after receiving its precious metal hallmark in 2010. As a member of the Platinum group of metals it is hard, lustrous and a lovely warm grey. Very popular with Men.

Along with a wide variety of contemporary and traditional wedding rings I also offer a remodelling service. Those cherished old family rings can be remade into your new wedding rings. Well, any gold or platinum jewellery for that matter. I can set diamonds into wedding rings, these can be added at any point in the future, so a great anniversary gift!

Our remodelling service starts from £250.

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