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Mothering Sunday

Posted by Erin: March 06 2013

Mothering Sunday

Mums. They really do make the world go around. I am a very proud mother to a gorgeous three year old daughter. She is a source of constant joy and inspiration.
I imagine there will probably be a point in her life when she realises just how hardworking, patient and generally super human Mums are (I hope!) I am lucky to have a great relationship with my Mum, but I don't think I truly appreciated just how amazing she is until I became a mother myself.
Although I design and make the jewellery in my shop, the only reason the business exists is because my wonderful Mum helped me to care for Matilda so that I could go back to work. 
I would never have been able to afford the level of childcare that she offered, let alone her added help with VAT returns and reconciling bank statements!

So, thanks Mum. Thanks to all Mums. You rock.


P.S. Why not say "Thank you!" with jewellery?!

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