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From traditional to contemporary

Posted by Laura: August 20 2014

From traditional to contemporary

Without visiting the shop!
It is always satisfying to see a piece of jewellery change and become a new design that a customer will enjoy wearing again.
As much as we are confident that customers that like Erin's jewellery will like what she makes for them; it can be a little nerve racking when it is all being done by phone and post.
We pride ourselves on our ability to listen, enabling the design to flow from what a customer tells us that they like about Erin's work. We understand how terrifying it is to send something so precious like this engagement ring to be melted into a new design, but it is also exciting.

Erin takes pride in creating new heirlooms and feels privileged to be a part of someone’s jewellery history. Care and dedication goes into all of Erin's jewellery, but she takes extra special care with customer’s own jewellery.

If you have a piece of jewellery that you no longer feel that you would like to wear - have it remodelled, you will find a new love for your precious item.

This collage has been created by the customer from images that Erin sent during the making process.  

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